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RENT AND TRAVEL answers the most important questions regarding motorhome rental

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Renting a motorhome: Your questions

General questions regarding rental

Who is permitted to drive the motorhome? Is there a minimum age requirement? What driver's licence is required?

In order to be able to drive a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 tons, as a driver or renter you must be at least 21 years of age and have had a valid driver’s licence (class B) for at least one year. For vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tons, you must be 25 years old and have had a valid driver’s licence (class C1) for at least 3 years. 
As the renter, you are entitled to drive the vehicle. Any additional drivers must be registered upon renting the vehicle. Please remember to present your driver’s licence and all relevant documents for additional drivers upon arrival.

Can I add an additional driver?

Additional drivers are free of charge at RENT AND TRAVEL. When checking in online or on the day of transfer, you can add additional drivers at no extra charge. We kindly ask you to consider that the renter assumes the liability for the additional driver.

How is a rental agreement concluded?

A rental agreement only comes into effect if the renter has confirmed a booking in writing per email or in written form. Your contract party is the respective rental station from whom you rent the motorhome.

Where can I find the precise rental terms and conditions?

The detailed rental terms and conditions (AGB) are located here and at the rental stations.

Questions about financing and insurance

What does it cost to rent a motorhome through RENT AND TRAVEL?

First and foremost, our prices are based on what vehicle you would like to rent. All prices are related to a valid price list that is presented to you by the rental agency upon contract conclusion. Therefore, the rental price consists of the basic rental price and a service fee. Liability insurance and comprehensive coverage (includes €1,500 deductible/excess per insurance claim) as well as VAT are included in the price. 
All fees and expenses associated with petrol, tolls, parking, camping, the campsite, ferry, penalties or other fines must be paid for by the renter. 
The rental agency will calculate the rental price per night. Unfortunately, one‐way rentals or returns to another station are not possible.

What is a service fee?

The €140 service fee is charged once per rental period. This lump sum includes the costs for handing over the vehicle, a detailed instruction in the handling of the motorhome as well as its return. Furthermore, it covers the costs for a propane gas filling (one bottle), the basic equipment of the WC chemicals, the insurance cover letter and the cleaning of the motorhome’s exterior.

Am I insured with a motorhome rented through RENT AND TRAVEL?

Yes, the rental price includes a comprehensive insurance package. It consists of a liability insurance as well as a fully comprehensive insurance. The excess/deductible is €1,500 per insurance claim. 
You can sign up for an inexpensive insurance package with additional insurances regarding your rental motorhome (reduction through deductible, cancellation insurance, roadside assistance, and much more).

What are the payment terms?

The renter must pay the rental company within seven days, beginning with the day of the booking confirmation, a payment of 20% of the rental price on the account listed in the booking documents. After the booking has been completed and the pre‐payment made, the remaining rental fee must be fully paid by wire transfer to the renter’s account no later than 14 days before the rental period begins.

Is a deposit also required for rental?

Yes, a deposit of €1,500 is required at the time of rental. The deposit must be paid to the rental agent prior to renting the motorhome. It’s best to contact the rental location in advance in order to ask if payment must be made in cash, by bank transfer or if a EC card or credit card can be used.

Is there any way to reduce the amount of the deductible?

You can avail of our holiday protection package to reduce this excess in the event of a claim. This service is offered in conjunction with our partner MMV. For information and booking, please visit www.rentandtravel.de/en/insurance.

Is there a mileage limit?

Beginning with a rental period of 15 nights, the mileage is unlimited. For all rental periods under 15 nights, 300 km are included in the price per night; every additional kilometre is charged at a rate of €0.39/km.

Is there a minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 6 nights; during the summer months, the minimum rental period may be 13 nights depending on the station. Shorter rental periods are available as part of our last-minute offers and flexi-deals.

Is a cancellation possible?

The Rental Company grants the Renter a right to cancel his/her booking subject to the conditions set out below: The amount of the cancellation fee payable by the Renter depends on the date of receipt by the Rental Company of the written cancellation notification.

  • Cancellations up to 61 days prior to rental period begin require a payment of 20% of the rental price (cancellation fee) to the rental agency. 
  • Cancellations from 60 to 30 days prior to rental period begin require a payment of 40% of the rental price (cancellation fee) to the rental agency. 
  • Cancellations from 29 to 15 days prior to rental period begin require a payment of 80% of the rental price (cancellation fee) to the rental agency. 
  • Cancellations less than 15 days prior to rental period begin require a payment of 90% of the rental price (cancellation fee) to the rental agency. 
  • If you would like to return the motorhome prior to the end of the agreed upon rental period, then you must pay the contractually agreed rental fee. However, you can protect yourself financially with a travel cancellation insurance. Please ensure that you read the insurer’s terms and conditions.

A cancellation shall only be valid if the Renter has notified the Rental Company of the cancellation in text form or in writing. The Rental Company shall credit the income from other renting of the motorhome during the agreed rental period as well as the saved expenses. The Renter is free to furnish proof that the Rental Company merely suffered less or no damage. The contractual right to cancel shall not apply if the Renter has booked a special offer, specifically the „taster tours“.

Questions about the vehicles

What happens during vehicle transfer or return?

You will be given a vehicle that has been cleaned, refuelled and reflects the condition stipulated in the contract. The vehicle status is documented with a handover protocol upon return. This protocol is signed by both you and the rental agency. 
The business hours for takeover and return are noted in your rental contract. We are usually available Mondays through Fridays during the rental agency’s standard business hours. On Saturdays, transfers and returns are only accepted upon prior agreement and upon payment of an additional €29 fee. We are unable to handle any vehicle transfers or returns on Sundays or public holidays.

Is the kitchen fully equipped?

Due to hygienic reasons, our vehicles do not offer dishes and cutlery. If desired, you can purchase these items as a purchase kit. In this case, the dishes and cutlery are located in the vehicle and belong to you. You can use the utensils for all of your future travels.

In what condition must the vehicle be returned?

Please return your vehicle refuelled and clean. Otherwise, you may be charged additional fees for the refuelling and/or cleaning of your vehicle. The costs for the cleaning of the interior are €150. A fee of €160 will be charged for cleaning the sanitary facilities.

What equipment packages do the RENT AND TRAVEL vehicles contain?

The basic equipment package of our rental vehicles includes: 

  • Kitchen with refrigerator, cooker and sink 
  • Beds with slatted frame and comfort mattresses 
  • Sanitary facilities with toilet, wash basin and shower 
  • Fresh water and wastewater tank 
  • Gas heating 
  • Connecting cable for power supply 
  • Bicycle rack or rear garage (depending on model) 
  • Sun awning 
  • Gas bottle(s)

What accessories do I have to bring myself?

Equipment such as dishes, bed lines, food, cleaning products, camping furniture or similar are not included in the rental price and must be purchased by you. A selection of accessories is available at many rental offices and can also be booked at an additional charge.

What types of engines are available in RENT AND TRAVEL vehicles?

Our motorhomes are equipped with powerful and fuel‐saving turbo diesel engines. The diesel consumption depends on the type of vehicle you rent, the load and your driving style. Usually, consumption is between 9–16 litres per 100 km.

Do the rental motorhomes have a green fine-dust sticker?

Yes, RENT AND TRAVEL motorhomes are equipped with modern exhaust gas treatment systems and have a green fine‐dust sticker on the inside of the windscreen.

Questions about travelling with a motorhome

In what countries am I permitted to travel?

Traveling is permitted throughout Europe, with the exception of the following countries or regions: Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey as well as Iceland. Any trips taken into war or crisis zones are not permitted.

Are pets allowed in the camper?

The renter decides whether or not a pet can travel in the motorhome. Speak with your renter in advance or click „pets okay“ when making your online reservation. Then you will only receive information about the vehicles where pets are allowed.

Can I smoke in the motorhome?

All vehicles are non‐smoking vehicles. There is a strict no‐smoking policy in the motorhome.

Where can I park my camper or motorhome overnight?

In most European countries, parking anywhere is not allowed. Therefore, we recommend looking for a camping site that has a spot for motorhomes, or finding a parking spot that has been approved for motorhomes. Please inform yourself prior to departure regarding the precise legal provisions at your destination.

What do I have to consider when booking a ferry? What can I do if I am unaware of what my number plate will be?

When booking you ferry, it is important to know what type of vehicle you have and what the dimensions of the vehicle are. You will find your vehicle’s dimensions printed on the rental contract. You can use this in order to book the correct vehicle category. This way, you will avoid incurring problems at the harbour as well as additional costs. 
If the number plate of the vehicle is unknown, then simply enter TBA under the „number plate“ field as a placeholder. You can update this data at a later time as soon as you have been notified of your number plate. The same applies to the vehicle information.

What type of fuel consumption can I expect to have during my trip?

Depending on the booked vehicle class, fuel consumption is between 9–16 l/100 km.

Where can I get fresh water or recycle waste water?

Most camping sites in Europe have both supply and recycling stations where you can get water or drain off waste water. Additional supply stations are also located at rest areas or large petrol stations. Please inform yourself prior to departure regarding the local options available.

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