The Roadteams are coming

What’s behind the Roadteams?

Beginning in March 2019, the experienced motorhome holidaymakers at RENT AND TRAVEL will make stops in over 100 cities in Germany at numerous events, such as city celebrations or Sunday shopping events, and present information as well as their experiences about their motorhome holidays. 
Of course, KNAUS or WEINSBERG vehicles are also included. Discover the motorhome rental and the various possibilities of using this holiday form. Let us lead you into a new world and help you experience the most beautiful routes in Europe. Immerse yourself in nature and surroundings that you would otherwise never have been able to experience. 
Ask our Roadteams any questions you always had about travelling with a motorhome. All dates where you can meet our Roadteams can be found under the respective portraits.

All teams at a glance

Postcode area 0:

Nancy and Jürgen

“Back in the days when East Germany was a country, we were always on the road with the folding camper. All sides could be opened, beds integrated and a tent structure protected us from the wind and rain. Of course, that is not comparable to today’s motorhomes in terms of comfort, but at least equivalent in terms of freedom and mobility. Since we also have a dog, hotels were almost never an option for us. 
The beauty of motorhome travel is its boundless freedom: wherever you feel comfortable, you just stay. We are also very excited about our Roadteam adventure. Speaking and exchanging ideas with others. We’re also looking forward to the Knaus motorhome, which will be our home away from home.”

Postcode area 4:

Marion and Hubert

“In the past, our children slept in their camper van one week before the start of their holidays because they couldn’t wait to leave. During the last 25 years we have been in Italy, on a round trip around the Mediterranean, and on a tour through Denmark. 
When we started travelling with the motorhome, there was never a contact point for questions or a forum where we could exchange information or ideas. That’s why we’re looking forward to advising interested parties and sharing our enthusiasm for mobile travel with others.”

Postcode area 5:

Conny and Michael

“As teenagers, we usually travelled to the Dutch coast in tents. When you get older, you pay more attention to the fact that the journey becomes more comfortable, yet at the same time, you do not want to lose the freedom that comes with camping. That is the reason why we have been spending our holidays in a motorhome for quite a few years now. 
This type of holiday keeps inspiring us – the freedom to drive off, to have everything with us, to stop when and where we want. Our longest journey so far took us via Austria, Italy, Lake Garda, Southern Germany and back to the Lower Rhine. During the summer months, we spend every possible weekend on the Dutch coast. A longer trip to Croatia is planned for next year. 
The Roadteam‐Tour combines our passion for travelling and the possibility to bring our knowledge about motorhomes as well as our enthusiasm for this way of travelling closer to those who are discovering it for the first time.”

Postcode areas 6 and 7:

Heidi and Arno

“We have always been enthusiastic camping holidaymakers. We love the freedom to decide every day where the journey will take us. It is also more comfortable for us, as one does not have to load and unload one’s luggage as in the hotel, as everything is always in the camper. We don’t have to settle for what’s on the menu because we just eat what we want. 
Next year, we are planning a three‐month trip by motorhome through the North America. Florida, Orlando and the Caribbean. As a Roadteam, we look forward to meeting people and answering questions about camping and travelling by motorhome. We also want to take some city trips with our grandchildren.”

Postcode area 8:

Christa and Franz

“We’ve been travelling with our motorhome for 35 years and for us the motorhome is almost a second home. We often go to swimming in Austrian lakes on weekends when the weather is nice, but we have also been to Cannes and Monaco. We used to park alongside Rolls Royces and the big yachts docked at the harbour, but we had to leave that location the next morning. However, it certainly was an exciting experience. 
We want to show people the diversity of mobile travel but also advise them about important things to consider when travelling with a motorhome. Especially for families with children and camping novices.”

Postcode area 9:

Gudrun and Reinhold

“For years, we’ve been travelling with rented motorhomes from the Baltic Sea Canal via the Spreewald to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. We love the solidarity amongst the camping crowd. On one occasion, when we were having an issue with our television, a lot of friendly neighbours quickly came and helped us fix the issue. 
Moreover, the weather does not play a big role when travelling with the camper, as one can move on to another location and, for example, visit an interesting city or other place of interest. In a hotel, you’re bound by the weather and the location.”

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