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Traveling in a motorhome, caravan or a compact camper is becoming increasingly more popular. Whether traveling with a large family or as a young couple: more and more people in Germany look forward to the freedom and the flexibility of a camping holiday – as well as the ability of simply and spontaneously renting a suitable vehicle. 
RENT AND TRAVEL supports you in optimally leveraging this revenue potential. As a subsidiary of Knaus Tabbert AG, one of the largest manufacturers of recreational vehicles in Europe, we cannot only offer you an award‐winning vehicle fleet, but also a comprehensive service and infrastructure package.

RENT AND TRAVEL – Your all-inclusive motorhome rental package!

Rent a motorhome: Our service for vehicle lessors

As a RENT AND TRAVEL partner, use the excellent motorhomes and campers offered by our KNAUS and WEINSBERG brands. Both brands are well‐established in the market and convince through a multi award‐winning mix of high quality, fair prices, comprehensive services – and excellent usability. This combination means that our vehicles are very well‐liked by our rental partners. 
Apart from a diverse and reliable vehicle fleet, we also have put together a truly unique service and performance package for rental partners. We are a partner upon whom both rental agencies and renters can rely: 

  • Flexible financing models 
  • Price advantages for spare parts 
  • European wide assistance in case of an insured event

Renting a motorhome made easy

RENT AND TRAVEL is an innovative and comprehensive rental concept for motorhome rentals. We will not only provide you with the vehicle and the required infrastructure, but also a full package consisting of marketing, new customer acquisition, and services. In cooperation with you as a new rental agency and the comprehensive Knaus Tabbert dealership network, we have far more than 2,300 new vehicles at professional bases located throughout Germany.

RENT AND TRAVEL – Your all‐inclusive package for motorhome rental!

Just in case: Replacement vehicles – guaranteed in case of breakdown

A vehicle breakdown – whether incurred by a defect or an accident – is not only aggravating, but can also be expensive. In order to keep the downtimes to a minimum for both you and your customers, we will therefore find a suitable replacement vehicle for you within 48 hours – and that will cost approx. 20% less than it would with an alternative RENT AND TRAVEL booking. In order to settle the claim, we only need verification of the damage caused to the vehicle. 
Valid for 24 months after the new vehicle purchase for all Weinsberg rental vehicles beginning with the 2017 model year. You only carry the expenses for transportation, transfer, return and final cleaning.

Inexpensive spare parts: The Repair Service Set

As a professional motorhome renter, the supply of spare parts is part of your day‐to‐day business. As a RENT AND TRAVEL partner agency, we offer you 20% rebate on the list prices. In addition, your Knaus Tabbert service dealer will handle all incurred formalities. Of course, we will deliver the vehicle directly to you – fast and without detours.

Secure rent: Europe Assistance 24/7 – Breakdown service

Rent securely, travel safely: The Europe Assistance Breakdown Service support renters of motorhome and caravans throughout Europe. In case of a breakdown, simply call the European‐wide Knaus Tabbert Europe Assistance – available 24/7. Expert contacts support your customers and ensure fast help and a relaxing motorhome holiday. 
Extended vehicle cover for rentals: If required, the motorhome coverage also covers possible costs for hotel and rental cars as well as the vehicle return. Moreover, the expanded vehicle coverage ensures that renters also receive services that go beyond the Fiat manufacturer’s guarantee for the basic vehicle. It also takes effect if there are problems with gas supply, water supply, the motorhome’s electrical system as well as in cases of theft of luggage or bicycles from the motorhome.

Comprehensive software: The comprehensive tool for motorhome rental

With our clearly aligned RENT AND TRAVEL booking software, you can manage the entire administration and booked route from a single source. It is easy to add vehicle data, store seasonal passes, and administer everything regarding your booking. Our software has a direct interface to our online booking portal. In our online portal, customers can view all information and rent directly with you. That saves time and really simplifies the organisation of your rented fleet of campers.

Clearly structured information: Web services for our partner agency

In order to provide you with the best possible support to rent the most suitable motorhomes and campers, we have set up a comprehensive online information portal for you. The online portal will help you find technical information regarding the individual vehicles and floorplans as well as important documents for the processing of your rental vehicles.

Expensive financing: Attractive terms and conditions for the vehicle acquisition

We will support you during the ongoing investment in your vehicle fleet. In close cooperation with the Sparkasse credit partners and Santander Bank, we can provide you with two strong financial partners who will support you in expanding your motorhome rental service. You will benefit from our attractive terms and conditions, manageable operating costs, and excellent services.

Competent help: The informative introduction video

Ideally, you will personally assist your customers by familiarising them with the use of the motorhome or caravan. However, this will not also be possible during peak times. With our informative introduction DVD, your customers can answer all of the most important questions about the use of the motorhome. Whether before starting your trip or during your holiday: All questions concerning rental and use are precisely explained and answered.

Always informed: GPS tracking of the vehicles

Please always keep an eye on your rental vehicles! With a GPS tracking device you can always see the current location of your vehicle fleet. Whether travelled route or current location: protect your cost‐intensive investments from abuse or theft. We have developed convincing solutions for you.

Well-insured: Rent securely

An insurance expert: with Jahn and Partner you have a leading insurance broker in the leisure and recreation industry at your side. The lucrative premiums for motorhome, caravans and vehicle‐content insurance are covered through high inventories. That ensures lower contributions – and a successful rental concept.

Discover the best motorhome rental software in the caravanning industry

About us: We are RENT AND TRAVEL

Find your dream motorhome! We are the official rental portal of Knaus Tabbert, one of the market leaders for recreational vehicles in Europe. With more than 180 rental stations and 440 partner travel agencies, we offer customers throughout Germany the ability to rent professional motorhomes and camper vans. Competitive prices, convincing offers and comprehensive services round off our offer for private renters and professional rental partners. 
As experienced camping and industry specialists, RENT AND TRAVEL is distinguished through a high level of consulting expertise with which we can comprehensively inform the renters. With lots of events and practical tips, our offers cater to many first‐time campers. Customers who are renting a motorhome or camper for the first time, are targeted through our comprehensive advertising and marketing campaigns. Therefore, we are able to bring the idea of travel and holidays and from freedom and adventure closer to more people.

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