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Dream holiday in Italy

Rent a motorhome in Italy

Travelling to Italy with the rented motorhome? Truly a dream holiday – if only it didn’t take so long to get there. The solution: rent the motorhome on site in Italy. Thanks to RENT AND TRAVEL, it’s easy to do this in major cities such as Bologna, Venice, Milan and Modena. Here, we reveal all of the advantages of renting a motorhome in Italy.

You’ll also find valuable tips and information on this page to help you make the most of your camping holiday in Italy. This way, you will be perfectly equipped for your individual holiday on four wheels, which you will never forget!

This is how easy it is

Three tips for renting a motorhome in Italy

So that you are optimally prepared to begin your holiday, we have put together some tips relating to RENT AND TRAVEL and motorhome rental in Italy. Where can you rent? What happens with your car? What legal regulations apply when renting at your destination?

Rent your vehicle here The RENT AND TRAVEL rental station

Our RENT AND TRAVEL rental stations are mainly located in northern Italy – precisely there where you arrive when travelling by car or airplane. You can find RENT AND TRAVEL partners in the following cities:  

  • Bologna 
  • Venice 
  • Milan 
  • Modena
This is what happens with your car Arrival by car

If you transfer from your car to the motorhome in Italy, you do not have to drive two vehicles simultaneously. You can park your car free of charge for the duration of you rental period on the premises of your RENT AND TRAVEL partner.

Our Terms and Conditions also apply in Italy. What do I need to consider in terms of legal issues?

For all bookings that you make with RENT AND TRAVEL, our German Terms and Conditions apply. There is only one exception: The price for the rental must be paid within 10 work days; a down payment is not permitted in this case. You can rely on a first‐class service and a professional processing of your booking. Apart from our Terms and Conditions, the local laws of Italy also apply. Prior to your booking, please familiarise yourself with the local regulations in Italy or ask our consultant.

Renting a motorhome in Italy: The advantages

Persons who rent their motorhome at their destination in Italy enjoy lots of great advantages. Arriving in Italy or collaborating with local partners is much easier and more pleasant. We have collected the three best reasons to rent a motorhome in Italy.

Individual arrival and departure

Anyone who chooses to travel by motorhome from Germany to Italy will have a long journey. Depending on your departure point, just the trip through Germany can take up to two days. Which is time that you no longer have available once you reach your destination in Italy. 
Most other means of transportation are much faster than a motorhome. It only takes a few hours to fly to Milan. Even taking a car saves about 30% of the time it would take with a motorhome. And time is a very valuable factor when planning your holidays! 
Apart from the time factor, it also makes sense to compare the overall costs. Travelling to Italy in your motorhome is a lot more expensive than if you use your own car. More petrol, higher tolls or ferry expenses: the larger your vehicle is, the more expensive the trip becomes. If you can get a good deal, a flight might sometimes be the cheapest way to travel. However, don’t forget to take the costs for baggage into consideration. Some changes of clothes will come in very handy when taking a long camping trip. 
To summarise: Travellers who rent their motorhome in Italy, have a good chance of saving both time and money. Which is perfect in order to make an Italian holiday a little nicer.

Local contact person

Different countries, different customs. Anyone whose rental car breaks down abroad knows that often good advice is expensive. Where do I go for help? What should I do if I have an accident? How can I be sure that I won’t be overpaying? 
For all of these questions, your local rental agency has the best answers. Your contact person is well‐informed with the procedures and can support you in this case. Beyond this, the agent is aware of the local customs and can provide you with important tips for your camping holiday in Italy.

What can you expect?

Camping holidays in Italy

Romantic cities, countless beaches and culinary enjoyment – welcome to Italy! A country that is made for camping. The mild year‐round climate and over 1,500 campsites are the best prerequisites for experiencing your dream holiday. Whether at the beach, in the mountains, or at quaint campsites located in rural and charming regions.

Far removed from mass tourism


For everyone who would like to experience Italy from a local, rural perspective, there are many „Agricampeggio“ (camping sites) to choose from. The agricampeggio are small campsites that include a power connection and WC use. These camping sites are operated by local farmers, agricultural firms or restaurant owners. 
The camping sites are comparably inexpensive and simultaneously offer the advantage of getting to know both the country and the people of Italy. Most often, the hosts don’t live that far from the campsite and always enjoy speaking with their holiday guests. This way, you can receive first‐hand tips about the region. 
The rural atmosphere means that sleeping at one of these locations is truly something special. Authentic Italian lifestyle and lots of „dolce vita“ await you!

Clean, idyllic and friendly

The camping sites

In Italy you will find countless, well‐developed camping sites that can be reached via an excellent infrastructure. In particular, it is important to know where you would rather like to stay. From the luxury camping site with restaurants and pool, to a small campsite nestled in an idyllic setting – there is something for everyone. But remember: Camping anywhere with the motorhome is not permitted in Italy and is severely punished.

The small travel guide

The most beautiful regions for your motorhome journey

If you want to discover Italy in a rented motorhome, you have the choice between many interesting regions from the north to the south. Here we will present three of the most beautiful regions for the most beautiful time of your holiday:

Northern Italy

Trentino – South Tyrol

You will never cease to be amazed at this beautiful spot. Trentino – Alto Adige, as the Italians say – is located in northern Italy and is a dream destination for every hiker and nature lover. Incredible mountain panoramas, lush valleys with emerald lakes, and impressive meadows and forests. You cannot possibly be any closer to nature than this. And there are over 100 campsites in the region for you to stay overnight.

Central Italy


An experience that everyone should have: Tuscany is as diverse as it is beautiful. Located directly at the ocean, you will be provided with the perfect mixture of bathing pleasure, Italian ambience and local culture as well as history. If you like it somewhat quieter, you will be in your element on the long beaches, nature parks, romantic villages with Renaissance‐style architecture as well as the world‐famous, typical Mediterranean landscapes.

Southern Italy


The southernmost region of the Italian mainland knows how to captivate visitors with its golden beaches, deep blue water and lots of pristine nature. The majority of the camping sites are located directly along the 700‐km‐long coast, mainly on one of the fantastic beaches. This is the perfect way to relax! Positive side effect: Until you have arrived in Calabria, you have already seen about half of Italy.

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