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Dream holiday in Scandinavia

Rent a motorhome in Scandinavia

Travelling to Sweden with the rented motorhome? Truly a dream holiday – if only the trip there didn’t take that long. The solution: rent the motorhome in Sweden. No problem in larger cities such as Kristinehamn, Norrköping, Stockholm or Jönköping – thanks to RENT AND TRAVEL. Here, we’ll divulge all of the advantages of renting a motorhome in Sweden. 
So that you can fully enjoy your camping holiday in Scandinavia, you’ll also find valuable tips and information on this site. This way, you will be perfectly equipped for your individual holiday on four wheels, which you will never forget!

This is how easy it is

Three tips for renting a motorhome in Sweden

So that you are optimally prepared to begin your holiday, we have put together some tips relating to RENT AND TRAVEL and motorhome rental in Sweden. Where can you rent? What happens with your car? What legal regulations apply when renting at your destination?

Rent your vehicle here The RENT AND TRAVEL rental station

Our RENT AND TRAVEL rental stations are mainly located in the southern part of Sweden – precisely there where you arrive when travelling by car or airplane. You can find RENT AND TRAVEL partners in the following cities:  

  • Kristinehamn 
  • Norrköping 
  • Jönköping 
  • Airport Stockholm
This is what happens with your car Arrival by car

If you transfer from your car to the motorhome in Sweden, you do not have to drive two vehicles simultaneously. You can park your car free of charge for the duration of you rental period on the premises of your RENT AND TRAVEL partner. 
Furthermore, we can pick you up from the airport with our shuttle bus. This way, you’ll arrive relaxed and safe at your motorhome and can begin your holiday in a stress‐free manner.

Our Terms and Conditions also apply in Sweden. What do I need to consider in terms of legal issues?

For all bookings that you make with RENT AND TRAVEL, our German Terms and Conditions apply. There is only one exception: The price for the rental must be paid within 10 work days; a down payment is not permitted in this case. You can rely on a first‐class service and a professional processing of your booking. Apart from our Terms and Conditions, the local laws of Sweden also apply. Prior to your booking, please familiarise yourself with the local regulations in Sweden or ask or consultant.

Renting a motorhome in Sweden: The advantages

Persons who rent their motorhome at their destination in Sweden enjoy lots of great advantages. Many things are easier, such as the arrival or the collaboration with local partners. We have collected the three best reasons to rent a motorhome in Sweden.

Individual arrival and departure

Anyone who chooses to travel by motorhome from Germany to Scandinavia will be undertaking a long journey. Depending on your departure point, just the trip through Germany can take up to two days. Which is time that you no longer have available once you reach your destination in Sweden or Norway. 
Most other means of transportation are much faster than a motorhome. It only takes a few hours to fly to Stockholm or the airport in Malmö. Even taking a car saves about 30% of the time it would take with a motorhome. And time is a very valuable factor when planning your holidays! 
Apart from the time factor, it also makes sense to compare the overall costs. Travelling to Sweden in your motorhome is a lot more expensive than if you use your own car. More petrol, higher tolls or ferry expenses: the larger your vehicle is, the more expensive the trip becomes. If you can get a good deal, a flight might sometimes be the cheapest way to travel. However, don’t forget to take the costs for baggage into consideration. Some changes of clothes will come in very handy when taking a long camping trip. 
To summarise: Travellers who rent their motorhome in Sweden, have a good chance of saving both time and money. Which is a perfect way to perhaps make a Scandinavian holiday a little nicer.

Models with Scandinavian equipment

Many of the KNAUS and WEINSBERG motorhomes are available in special floorplans or model variants that are only intended for use in the Scandinavian market. As a rule, these vehicles are even better insulated and are equipped with additional heating options. In this way, the motorhomes are particularly aligned to the climatic requirements in the far north. Additional extras included as standard are:

  • Kitchen equipment: everything to meet your daily needs
  • Toilet chemicals: clean and top up with chemicals on a regular basis
  • Table & chairs: can be quickly set up and stowed away again
  • Duvets & pillows: cosy and warm – even when the temperature outside drops

Additional equipment such as bed linen and towels can be booked as extras. You can find all the equipment details in the booking process. For those who do not want to travel to Sweden in the summertime, these comfortable vehicles are recommended. With our local RENT AND TRAVEL partners, you will receive a rental motorhome that meets the weather-related needs of the north. On the other hand, Rental Companies in Germany only offer a small selection of fully winterised vehicles.

Local contact person

Different countries, different customs. Anyone whose rental car breaks down abroad knows that often good advice is expensive. Where do I go for help? What should I do if I have an accident? How can I be sure that I won’t be overpaying? 
For all of these questions, your local rental agency has the best answers. Your contact person is well‐informed with the procedures and can support you in this case. Beyond this, the agent is aware of the local customs and can provide you with important tips for your camping holiday in southern Sweden or Norway.

What can you expect?

Camping holidays in Sweden

Sweden is one of the northernmost countries in Europe and an absolute dream destination for many camping fans – and for good reason! Impressive landscapes, magical lighting conditions, and friendly people have turned the country into something special. Here, we will present a few of our personal highlights for campers.

Free camping for everyone!

Right of access for everyone

Just like in Norway, Sweden has the so‐called „rights of access for everyone“. 
Generally summarised, the right of access for everyone states that everyone has the right to use the outdoors. For campers that means specifically: we can spend the night in our motorhome wherever we want, unless it has been specifically prohibited. In the process, it is important the campers treat the environment gently and with respect. 
Large superstructures, waste or debris are not permitted! If everyone does their part, then camping fans will be able to enjoy this unique freedom for a long time and continue to discover Scandinavia at their own pace.

Clean, idyllic and friendly

The camping sites

For everyone who does not want to sleep outdoors, Sweden naturally also offers a huge selection of camping and parking spaces. In particular in southern Sweden, around the cities of Stockholm, Malmö and Goteborg, a suitable campground is available for every type of camper – from luxurious to rustic. 
Many of the approximately 700 camping sites are members in the Swedish Association for Camping and Holiday Homes. The association represents well‐maintained and well‐equipped camping sites. They offer all the usual supply and disposal options, power connections (CEE plugs), sanitary facilities and purchasing options. 
Many of these spots are located along beautiful bodies of water: lakes, a river or along the coasts. They are perfect for fans of boating, in particular anything from fishing to extended kayak tours. 
In terms of prices, the Swedish camping sites are generally somewhat less expensive than their counterparts in central and southern Europe. Perhaps a nice side effect due to the „right of access“?

The small travel guide

Routes and well-loved travel destinations

For everyone looking to discover Sweden more closely in a rental motorhome, there are lots of exciting routes to take. The traffic network is largely well developed and features many motorways and highways. Here we’ll present our three favourite routes:

Route 1

Discover southern Sweden: From Goteborg to Stockholm

Stockholm, here we come! We begin our route in Goteborg and from there we head into the interior of the country until we’ve reached the southern tip of Vättern Lake. From there, we travel towards the north, up to Vadstena. Now we’ll take a hard turn and head east. At Linköping and Norrköping you will travel along the east coast of Sweden, which will accompany us until we reach the capital of Stockholm.

Route 2

The insider tip: Discover Småland!

From Trelleborg along the south coast, which we can reach via ferry, the trip follows along the coast to the eastern town of Skåne and the further into the province of Blekinge. We make a stop in Karlskrona before we head further north to Kalmar. The imposing Öland Bridge finally brings us to the first larger stop on Sweden’s most loved island: Öland. 
Once we have seen what we intended to see, we continue in a crisscross pattern across Småland. At some point, we arrive back at the western coast which brings us back towards the south to the point of departure.

Route 3

The road trip: Northward bound!

Are you looking to go to central or even northern Sweden? Then you will find a great route that largely follows the Swedish Inland Line. From Kristinehamn at Vänern, you can follow Riksväg 26 and the Europe Motorway E45 until you reach Gällivare in Lapland. In terms of climate, here it will be a bit wilder than in the south – therefore your camping gear should be appropriate for the season. If you are well‐prepared, it will be an unforgettable trip!

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