Rent now: Motorhomes for 2 to 6 persons

Our vehicle categories: Motorhomes and camper vans for your holiday

Would you like to rent a motorhome that precisely aligns with your holiday plans and the number of persons on your trip? From compact camper to spacious family motorhome: Discover our seven vehicle categories today and find the perfect rental motorhome for your camping holiday!

Camper van for 2 persons Category CITY

In the CITY CATEGORY, you will find the compact camper van, CUV or camper. They are the ideal companion for two people who appreciate the advantages of an agile holiday vehicle suitable for everyday use. Despite its comparably reduced exterior dimensions, the camper van offers full living comfort and functionality. The camper vans available for rent all have typical motorhome fittings such as kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom and, of course, comfortable beds. (Example: BOXLIFE 540)

Rent CITY category now
4-person camper van CITY PLUS category

The camper van or CUVs in the CITY PLUS category are true spatial wonders. Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the vehicles have four full‐fledged beds. It is made possible by a lifting bed that can easily be lowered from the vehicle headliner when it is time to sleep. Together with two additional beds in the rear of the vehicle, the rental camper van can thereby be turned into a family motorhome ideal for short trips, weekend getaways, or even city trips. The other fittings in our CITY PLUS vehicles are comparable with those in the CITY category. (Example: BOXSTAR 630 Freeway)

Rent CITY PLUS category now
VAN class for 2 persons ACTIVE category

In the ACTIVE category, you will find small partially integrated motorhomes for two persons. A compact partially integrated motorhome is one of the most versatile motorhomes that you can rent. It is compact enough to navigate narrow streets and small towns – and, despite its compact dimensions, offers a high degree of living comfort on long trips. You can sleep on firm 2‐person beds. The compact, fully‐equipped motorhomes also have lots of storage space and a large rear garage for loading bulky luggage. (Example: CaraCompact)

Rent the ACTIVE category now
Partially integrated for 2-3 persons ACTIVE PLUS category

The motorhomes in the ACTIVE PLUS category belong to the most well‐liked partially integrated vehicles for 2–3 persons. Similarly to motorhomes in the VAN class, they are extremely flexible. They combine spaciousness with a high level of travel comfort – that is what makes the travel motorhomes in the ACTIVE PLUS category the most versatile all‐rounders for any type of holiday. Two fixed beds in the rear of the vehicle are standard and a third bed can even be assembled from the seating group in just a few simple steps. (Example: L! VE TI)

Rent ACTIVE PLUS category now
Partially integrated with lifting bed/alcoves for 4 persons FAMILY category

In the FAMILY category, the name says everything you need to know. The partially integrated rental motorhomes with lifting bed offer lots of room for the entire family. Holiday campers traveling with children look forward to having four real beds, a spacious dinette area, a large kitchen and an integrated bathroom. Clothing, strollers and the children’s favourite toys find their place in the well thought‐out storage rooms and in the rear garage. Despite their size, the partially integrated rental motorhomes provide a comfortable ride – for a relaxing trip and a safe arrival. (Example: CaraSuite)

Rent the FAMILY category now
Alcoves for 5-6 persons FAMILY PLUS category

The alcove motorhome in the FAMILY PLUS category are the kings of roominess. Even large families with up to six persons can go on holiday in this vehicle. Depending on the model, up to four adults and two children will have ample room. The alcoves above the driver’s compartment house a comfortable double bed. In the rear, bunk beds or double beds offer additional places to sleep. If required, the seating group can be converted into a bed. The large kitchen, ample seating and the fully equipped bathroom make an alcove motorhome for rent a true hotel for your journey. (Example: L! VE TRAVELLER)

Rent FAMILY PLUS category now
Integrated motorhomes for 2-4 persons COMFORT category

Travel first class in a rental motorhome: The COMFORT CATEGORY is the luxury liner amongst motorhomes. In terms of equipment and space, the integrated motorhome for 2 to 4 persons does not leave anything to be desired. Integrated motorhomes are considered particularly comfortable and luxurious. The construction form creates room galore with which cosy, spacious living areas can be realised. Luxury can be found in every detail. Even if the liners offer up to 4 places to sleep, they are often rented by couples who would like to travel luxuriously and in an exclusive style. (Example: SKY I)

Rent COMFORT category now
Flexibility, quality, individuality: Rental motorhomes from KNAUS and WEINSBERG are the perfect companion for your camping holiday. Find your dream motorhome rental now!

Renting a motorhome: Perfectly equipped for 2 to 6 persons

Whether you rent alone, as a couple, or for the entire family: All of our rental vehicles come fully equipped for camping – from the beds to the kitchen and the full bath. Depending on the vehicle category, the features only differ in size and design. The functionality is always at the highest level.

Room to live

Storage space and seating in the rental motorhome

The perfect balance between form and function and design is the result of the interplay between engineering design and furniture construction from master craftsmen. 
The light‐flooded room concepts invite you to enjoy cosy get‐togethers. Comfortable seating areas with individually adjustable tables offer room for enjoying meals together or game nights with friends. Spacious storage bins and well‐arranged shelves ensure that things are kept tidy. This way, we also ensure sunny moments in your rental motorhome, even on rainy days.

Cooking with pleasure

Cooker, refrigerator and counter top in the rental motorhome

Of course, every motorhome comes with a kitchen which, if requested, can be designed as an open kitchen. That means, lots of storage space for dishware and sufficient counter‐top space for preparing all of your favourite dishes. A well‐dimensioned refrigerator and a cooker offer you every possibility for creating succulent meals made from products sourced directly from the holiday region. And although different kitchen variants can be found in the vehicle, they all have one thing in common: maximum functionality.

Sleep as soundly as you do at home

Single beds, double beds and bunk beds in the rental motorhome

The sleep comfort in a KNAUS or WEINSBERG motorhome will fascinate you from the very first moment. The 5‐zone, cold‐foam mattresses and the premium slatted frames will guarantee you peasant nights and restful sleep. Featuring up to six places to sleep, our rental motorhomes offer you ample space for couples and families, depending on the vehicle you select. 
Different bed variants are used. Regardless of the vehicle you rent, you can select between single beds, double beds, lifting beds and bunk beds for the children.

Full bath

Toilet, shower and washbasin in the rental motorhome

If the motorhomes should feature a full‐equipped compact bath, then this requires both experience and expertise. In the rental motorhomes from KNAUS and WEINSBERG, nobody has to do without a refreshing or hot shower. Of course, a wash basin and a toilet are a part of every bathroom. The bathroom utensils are stored in the practical wall shelves, even during your journey. Depending on the vehicle category selected, the shower and the toilet can be separate so that the space is used in the most efficient manner.

Renting a motorhome for two, four or six persons: Find your matching rental motorhome and look forward to full-equipped camping fun and an unforgettable holiday.

Rent now: the perfect motorhome for your camping journey!

Our tips: This is how you will find the most suitable rental motorhome:

Renting a motorhome: How many people are traveling?

Motorhomes for 2 to 6 persons.

The most important question is: How many places to sleep does the motorhome or camper have to have? If you rent a motorhome, then it is important to know how many people are travelling. There are compact motorhomes – even campers, camper vans or CUVs – for two up to a maximum of four persons. They are usually equipped with a double bed and, if necessary with an 
additional lifting bed. 
Partially integrated motorhomes are available in all sizes, from floorplans for 2 persons to family motorhomes with alcoves for up to six persons. You will sleep in bunk beds, double beds and in the alcove. 
Our integrated luxury liners are especially comfortable motorhomes. They are very spacious, but specially designed for the use of 2 up to 4 persons who value having the highest level of comfort. How many people are traveling with you? At RENT AND TRAVEL, you’ll find suitable motorhomes for couples and families!

Renting a motorhome: How long and how far will you travel?

Weekend getaway, road trip or summer holidays.

The decision for finding the most suitable rental motorhome does not solely depend on the number of beds. Another important criterion is the duration of the planned camping holiday. The required storage space depends on the duration of your trip. And the questions about how much comfort you need while on your journey. 
Anyone who only rents a motorhome for a weekend ends up transporting less baggage than holidaymakers who rent their motorhome for several weeks. Compact vehicles, such as a camper or a small partially integrated motorhome are therefore perfect for enjoying a brief holiday. 
For longer trips, we suggest renting a larger partially integrated motorhome or an integrated motorhome.

Renting a motorhome: What type of camper are you?

Living at the camping site or round trips in a car.

The amount of available space in a motorhome is not only a question of comfort and baggage. Generally, the following rule applies: Rent a motorhome that offers you as much space as required – and that is as compact as possible. Because: The longer, wider and heavier the rented motorhome is, the more demanding its handling. Narrow alleys and tight corners are easy to navigate with a camper, since the compact vehicles are almost as manoeuvrable as a passenger car. A luxury liner’s strengths lie in its high level of living comfort, which makes it an ideal motorhome for renters who are looking to take an extended holiday at a camping site. 
Actually, everything is pretty easy: You would like to use your motorhome for frequent trips and to see a lot of the region? Then it makes more sense to rent a compact motorhome or camper van. Or are you planning extended stays without taking many day trips with your motorhome? If so, then you can select a larger size motorhome, such as our integrated motorhomes. Incidentally, partially integrated motorhomes are the perfect all‐rounders, in case you would like to experience both versions.

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