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Escape the daily routine and get ready for your holidays: If you rent a motorhome, you will be able to experience Europe in an entirely new way. Far away from mass tourism, close to nature, relaxation, recuperation and real adventures. As a camper you enjoy freedom and independence, an attitude towards life that brings more and more people closer to this fascinating form of holiday. 
RENT AND TRAVEL, a manufacturer’s brand of the Knaus Tabbert AG, rents motorhomes for novices, camping fans, couples, families and adventure‐seekers – or simply for anyone who wants to give camping a try. We value personal consultation, uncomplicated bookings and affordable terms and conditions. Come see for yourself – and launch your camping holiday with a motorhome rental.

7 good reasons for RENT AND TRAVEL:

  • The official rental portal of Europe’s leading manufacturer, Knaus Tabbert
  • Rentals from more than 180 professional & experience rental stations in Germany, Sweden and Italy
  • More than 2,350 pristine motorhomes of the KNAUS and WEINSBERG brands
  • Individual vehicle consulting provided by experts
  • Booking with no fees as well as additional driver at no extra cost
  • Manufacturer’s mobility guarantee and Camper Assistance (24/7 breakdown service)
  • Top offers with best-price guarantee


Discover why camping holidays are so well-liked

Freedom and independence: Travelling with a motorhome

For years now, motorhome holidays have been gaining in popularity. Experiencing the freedom and independence of a camping holiday in German and Europe creates some of life’s most special moments. We want to break out of the daily routine and the stress of the big city and head towards the peacefulness of the outdoors. We are not interested in an all‐inclusive holiday, but rather real experiences, relaxing in peace, letting the soul unwind – and, while doing so, always having our own home along for the ride. It’s no wonder that camping is very trendy! 
Wanderlust? Then rent your motorhome at RENT AND TRAVEL and begin travelling now. Whether you are new to camping, are an experienced renter or even someone interesting in buying a motorhome; whether you enjoy a spontaneous weekend trip or multi‐week round trip: with our rental motorhomes, we would like to make your camping holiday as easy as possible. Simply book a motorhome or camper van, pick it up, and you’re off! There is no time like the present – there is so much to discover! 

Travelling through Europe: freely and independently. However, a little comfort would be nice: Every one of our motorhomes offers comfortable beds, a fully equipped kitchen, and an integrated bathroom.

This is how excited our motorhomes renters are

No two holidays in a motorhome or camper van are the same. Whether family holiday or individual trip: each day is something very special. There is one thing that all of our customers who rent a motorhome share: the joy of camping!

“My children love the outdoors and animals, but all the typical holiday hotels are simply not for us. Thanks to our motorhome, we can keep to ourselves even while on holiday – and can discover the world at our own pace!”

“We love travelling, but having to always plan flights and accommodations is annoying. At RENT AND TRAVEL, we simply rent a camper, pick out a destination, and leave. Our trip was the most relaxing time‐off ever!”

“And do you know what the best thing was: off to the travel agent and then head for the beach. The booking was child’s play, and for that we would like to thank the entire RENT AND TRAVEL team! Now we are already thinking about where we can go next…”

Our categories

From a compact 2-person camper to a family-sized motorhome

Camper van for 2 persons

In the CITY CATEGORY, you will find the compact camper van or camper. They are the ideal companion for two people who appreciate the advantages of an agile holiday vehicle suitable for everyday use. Despite its comparably smaller exterior dimensions, the camper van offers the full scope of living comfort and functionality. The camper vans in the CITY CATEGORY all have typical fittings such as kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom and, of course, comfortable beds. (Example: BOXLIFE 540)

2-person camper van from the CITY category

4-person camper van

The camper van models in the CITY PLUS category are a true spatial wonder. Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the vehicles have four full‐fledged beds. This is enabled via a lifting bed that can easily be lowered from the vehicle headliner when it is time to sleep. Together with two additional beds in the rear of the vehicle, the rental camper van can thereby be turned into a family motorhome ideal for short trips, weekend getaways, or even city trips. The other fittings in our CITY PLUS vehicles are comparable with those in the CITY category. (Example: BOXSTAR 630 Freeway)

4-person camper van from the CITY PLUS category

VAN class for 2 persons

In the ACTIVE CATEGORY, you will get a partially integrated 2‐person motorhome. Renting a van is the perfect idea for enjoying a multifaceted camping holiday. The vehicles are slender enough for navigating narrow streets and towns – and, despite their compact dimensions, they offer a high degree of living comfort on long trips. You can sleep on firm 2‐person beds. The compact, fully‐equipped motorhomes also have lots of storage space and a large rear garage for loading bulky luggage. (Example: CaraCompact)

Compact 2-person motorhome from the ACTIVE category

Partially integrated for 2-3 persons

The ACTIVE PLUS CATEGORY belongs to the most well‐liked categories. It features partially integrated vehicles for 2–3 persons. Lots of room and a high level of travel comfort make them into an all‐round vehicle that is suitable for every type of traveller. Two fixed beds are standard and a third bed can even be assembled from the seating group in just a few simple steps. (Example: L!VE TI)

Partially integrated motorhome in the ACTIVE PLUS category.

Partially integrated with lifting bed/alcoves for 4 persons

In the FAMILY category, the name says everything you need to know. The partially integrated motorhomes with a lifting bed have plenty of room for the family and provide a convincing argument with their four fixed beds. In addition, the vehicles are highlighted by a spacious dinette, a large kitchen, and a bathroom for the whole family. The little holidaymakers’ favourite toys find their place in the well‐designed storage rooms and in the rear garage. Despite their size, the partially integrated rental motorhomes provide a comfortable ride. (Example: CaraSuite)

Partially integrated motorhome with lifting bed for 4 persons in the FAMILY category

Alcoves for 5-6 persons

With the alcove motorhomes in the FAMILY PLUS CATEGORY, even large families with up to six persons can go on holiday. Depending on the model, up to four adults and two children will have ample room. The alcoves above the driver’s compartment house a comfortable double bed. In the rear, bunk beds or double beds offer additional places to sleep. If required, the seating group can be converted into a bed. The large kitchen, plenty of seating, and the fully equipped bathroom make an alcove motorhome for rent a true hotel for your journey. (Example: L!VE TRAVELLER)

Motorhome with alcoves for 5-6 persons from the FAMILY PLUS category

Integrated motorhomes for 2-4 persons

Travel first class in a rental motorhome: The COMFORT CATEGORY is the luxury liner amongst motorhomes. In terms of equipment and space, the integrated motorhome for 2 to 4 persons does not leave anything to be desired. Integrated motorhomes are considered particularly comfortable and luxurious. The construction form creates room galore with which cosy, spacious living areas can be realised. Luxury can be found in every detail. Even if the liners offer up to 4 places to sleep, they are often rented by couples who would like to travel luxuriously and in an exclusive style. (Example: SKY I)

Integrated luxury liner for 2 to 4 persons from the COMFORT category.

Simply rent the most suitable motorhome and head off on holiday. Regardless if it is just for the weekend, for 14 days or for an entire month: RENT AND TRAVEL has the most suitable offers. This is how easy camping can be!

This is how easy RENT AND TRAVEL works

Renting a motorhome with RENT AND TRAVEL is super easy. You only have to know when you would like to start your journey and what vehicle you want to take. We will accompany you along the entire trip, from your original request through to the pick‐up of your rented motorhome.

Step 1 Let our camping experts advise you

Prior to sending your query, you can find comprehensive information on our website regarding the correct motorhome and our rental offers. You can also use our telephone advice to answer all your questions.

Step 2 Create an online query and let us find the best offer for you.

In order to process your query, we only need a little info. Apart from your starting point and the date of your holiday, we also need the total number of persons and the type of holiday. We will subsequently send you a selection of suitable rental motorhomes.

Step 3 Decide on a vehicle and make a binding reservation

Once you have selected a model, we will make the reservation for the selected dates and at the desired location. All further communication will be handled by our local rental station.

Step 4 Sign your rental agreement at your RENT AND TRAVEL station

On the agreed date, we will prepare all documents for rental in your desired RENT AND TRAVEL rental station. The rental agreement becomes binding upon your signature. Once we’ve completed all of the paperwork, your trip can begin.

Step 5 Now you can get into your motorhome and start enjoying your camping holiday

Your motorhome will be waiting for you at the rental station on your booked day. We will provide you with a short briefing and will take time to answer your questions. Once everything has been clarified, we will send you on your way into your well-deserved camping holiday.

Step 6 After you’ve returned, please clean your motorhome before returning it

Even the most beautiful camping holiday ends at some point. You can return the cleaned motorhome with a full tank of petrol during the standard business hours or you can schedule an appointment. 

Renting a motorhome: The most frequently asked questions about rental motorhomes

RENT AND TRAVEL makes motorhome rental child’s play. The most frequently asked questions about rental, rental contracts and the procedure concerning your camping holiday are answered here.

How comprehensive is the equipment?

The basic equipment package includes:

  • A kitchen with refrigerator, cooker and sink 
  • Beds with slatted frame and comfort mattresses 
  • Sanitary facilities with toilet, wash basin and shower 
  • Fresh water and wastewater tank 
  • Heating system 
  • Connecting cable for power supply 
  • Bicycle rack or rear garage (depending on model) 
  • Radio with CD in driver’s compartment 
  • Sun awning 

Extra accessories such as dishes or camping furniture are available at a number of rental station and can also be booked.

Who can drive? Is there a minimum age requirement? What driver's licence is required?

In order to be able to drive a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 tons, as a driver or renter you have to be at least 21 years of age and have had a valid driver’s licence for at least one year. For vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tons, you must be 25 years old and have had a valid driver’s licence for at least 3 years
As the renter, you are entitled to drive the vehicle. Any additional drivers must be registered upon renting the vehicle. Please remember to present your driver’s licence and all relevant documents for additional drivers upon arrival.

What costs are incurred? Is there a deposit required upon rental?

Our prices are based on what vehicle you would like to rent. The rental price consists of the basic rental price and a service fee. Liability insurance, comprehensive coverage (includes €1,500 deductible/excess per insurance claim) as well as VAT are included in the price
All fees and expenses associated with petrol, tolls, parking, camping, the campsite, ferry, penalties or other fines must be paid for by the renter. 
A deposit of €1,500 is required at the time of rental. The deposit must be paid prior to renting the vehicle. It’s best to contact the rental location in advance in order to ask if payment must be made in cash or if a credit card can be used.

What happens during vehicle transfer or return? In what condition must the vehicle be returned?

You will be given a vehicle that has been cleaned, refuelled and reflects the condition stipulated in the contract. The vehicle status is documented with a handover protocol upon return. This protocol is signed by both you and the rental agency. 
The business hours for takeover and return are noted in your rental contract. We are usually available Mondays through Fridays during the rental agency’s standard business hours. On Saturdays, transfers and returns are only accepted upon prior agreement and upon payment of a €29 fee. We are unable to handle any vehicle transfers or returns on Sundays or public holidays. 
Please return your vehicle refuelled and clean. Otherwise, you may be charged additional fees for the refuelling and/or cleaning of your vehicle. A fee of €150 will be charged for cleaning the interior. A fee of €160 will be charged for cleaning the sanitary facilities.

What should I do in case of an accident? To what extent am I and the camper insured?

The base price includes a liability and comprehensive insurance ( €1,500 deductible/excess per insurance claim). The insurance is valid throughout Europe, with the exception of the following countries or regions: Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey as well as Iceland. Any trips taken into war or crisis zones are not permitted. 
In the event of an insurance claim, you will find the contact data of the insurance company and your rental agency in your vehicle. Please contact us right away in order to discuss the further process.

Camping holiday at any time of year.

Whether in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter

Camping is no longer just interesting during the summer months. Even in Autumn or Winter, you can discover unforgettable holiday destinations with a rented motorhome. The advantage: You decide where you want to go with your motorhome or camper van. So if you want to escape the dreary November chill in Germany by heading off to the mild Mediterranean coast, all you need is a motorhome and off you go! Although in Germany it is cold in January and February, in Spain springtime is starting. 
Of course, it can also go the other way around: If the heat in central Europe is no longer bearable in July and August, a camping holiday in Scandinavia with its mild summertime temperatures and its indescribable beauty can be a welcome change. 
However, a camping holiday in a motorhome also makes sense during the low season. When the holiday season comes to an end in late summer, you can experience the most beautiful holiday destinations in your motorhome in a relaxed manner and without mass tourism. 
Whenever you rent a motorhome in order to take a trip: Throughout the year, camping offers true potential for a dream holiday.

Bad weather? No reason to panic: You are mobile in your motorhome. Simply leave the rain behind and chase the sun!

Our holiday tips for renting motorhomes

With RENT AND TRAVEL, it is easier than ever to rent a motorhome and test camping holidays for yourself. For all novices and newcomers, our camping tips and favourite destinations are perfect!

Camping holidays in Scandinavia

Rent your motorhome in Germany and travel to Sweden, Norway or Finland. The legendary beauty of Scandinavia can best be experienced in a motorhome or camper van. Crystal‐clear lakes, spectacular fjords and eternal glaciers are awaiting for you to discover them.

With the motorhome through the Alps

The Alps are located on our doorstep – and therefore are particularly inviting for you to discover them with a rented motorhome. During the summer, the Alps are a Mecca for hiking fans and mountain bikers who enjoy taking a motorhome or camper van from mountain to mountain. During the winter, skiers and snowboarders enjoy having a comfortable „chalet“, which they can take with them from one ski resort to the next.

Road trip through Europe in the camper van

When taking a roundtrip, the journey is the destination! Discovering Europe in a relaxed way, without a destination and always travelling as the wind blows. In a compact camper van, you will have everything you will need for your independent adventure trip. Rent your motorhome in Germany and begin your tour. From Bavaria to the Algarve coast in Portugal – from Naples in southern Italy up to the Scottish Highlands. 

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